Church Services

November 2020

DateTimeChurchType of Service
Sunday 1st November10:30King’s CliffeBenefice Communion
Sunday 8th November10:30Easton-on-the-Hill
War Memorial
Remembrance Service
Sunday 8th November10:45King’s Cliffe
Remembrance Service
Sunday 8th November10:50Bulwick
War Memorial
Remembrance Service
Sunday 8th November10:55CollywestonRemembrance Service
Sunday 8th November16:30Easton-on-the-HillJoyful Easton Service
Sunday 15th November09:00CollywestonHoly Communion
Sunday 15th November10:30BulwickHoly Communion
Sunday 15th November10:30Easton-on-the-HillHoly Communion
Sunday 15th November10:30King’s CliffeMorning Prayer and Praise
Sunday 22nd November09:00Easton-on-the-HillHoly Communion
Sunday 22nd November10:30King’s CliffeFamily Communion
Sunday 22nd November16:00CollywestonRemembering Service
Sunday 22nd November17.00LaxtonEvening Prayer
Sunday 29th November09:00CollywestonHoly Communion
Sunday 29th November10:30Easton-on-the-HillHoly Communion
Sunday 29th November10:30King’s CliffeService for Advent Sunday

Those attending church services will be asked to observe social distancing, with children sitting within their family group.  The Government requires the wearing of a suitable face-covering by all those attending church services.  There are few exceptions to this requirement.

Those who are in clinically vulnerable groups should read Government advice on attending a gathering outside of their home and consider the risks to themselves of being at a gathering where there is a mixed group of people.