Holy Trinity Church, Blatherwycke

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church in Blatherwycke was made redundant in 1976 but the surrounding graveyard remains open. The church building is now owned and cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust and the graveyard is in the care of the Bulwick and Blatherwycke Parochial Church Council.  It’s position using what3words is ///prowess.shatters.pose.  (Click on the link and then switch to satellite view.)

At the time of the redundancy the then separate Ecclesiastical Parishes of Bulwick and Blatherwycke were merged to form the single Ecclesiastical Parish of Bulwick and Blatherwycke. The civil parishes remain separate.

Holy Trinity Church and its surrounding graveyard are landlocked within the grounds of the Blatherwycke Estate owned and run by F&A George Ltd. Access for parishioners and relatives of those buried in the graveyard is along the ancient Customary Church Way shown as A-B-[C]-D-E on the map below. Other visitors are asked to use the alternative route marked H-G-F.

Definitive Map showing routes