Remembrance Sunday


A service for Remembrance Sunday led by Revd Canon Philip Davies from All Saints and St James Church, King’s Cliffe.

This service lasts for 24 minutes and ends with the hymn ‘O God our help in ages past’. This is followed by a slide that remains on screen for two minutes to mark the customary period of silence. If you wish to observe the silence at 11.00am, either on screen or on your doorstep, you could start to watch the online service at around 10.35am.

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The names of the Fallen are read by: Alma O’Neil (Bulwick and Blatherwycke),  Peter Sauntson (Collyweston), Deborah Davenport (Easton-on-the-Hill), Felicity Thistlethwaite (King’s Cliffe) and Michael Harrison (Laxton).  If you wish to listen again to the names for an individual parish you can find a link here.

The hymns and music were recorded by Stephen Barber and members of the King’s Cliffe church choir in their own homes. The music is included under the terms of our CCLI® Streaming Licence.

Design, Graphics and Editing by Benefice Reader, David Teall.

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