Three versions of each edition are available as follows:

1. Page-turn edition suitable for use on a laptop or desktop computer.  This shows two pages at a time so that you can read it like a book.  If you opt for this edition, be sure to click the button to make it full screen.

2. Single-page PDF edition suitable to use on a Tablet.

3. Printable edition suitable for printing as a booklet.

A limited number of printed editions are available from the following locations for those unable to access the online edition and those who prefer to read a hard copy.

Laxton – Church Porch
New Lodge Farm Shop
Bulwick – Village Shop
Bulwick – Parish Church
King’s Cliffe – Londis
King’s Cliffe – Bakery
King’s Cliffe – Woodings
King’s Cliffe – Parish Church

October 2021              Page-turn edition          Single-page edition        Printable edition

September 2021         Page-turn edition          Single-page edition        Printable edition

August 2021               Page-turn edition          Single-page edition        Printable edition

July 2021                                                          Single-page edition        Printable edition

June 2021                                                        Single-page edition        Printable edition

May 2021                                                         Single-page edition        Printable edition

April 2021                                                        Single-page edition        Printable edition

March 2021                                                      Single-page edition        Printable edition

February 2021                                                 Single-page edition        Printable edition

Dec 20 / Jan 21                                               Single-page edition        Printable edition

November 2020                                              Single-page edition        Printable edition

October 2020                                                  Single-page edition        Printable edition

September 2020                                             Single-page edition         Printable edition

August 2020                                                  Single-page edition         Printable edition

July 2020                                                       Single-page edition          Printable edition

June 2020                                                      Single-page edition          Printable edition    

May 2020                                                       Single-page edition          Printable edition


Older Copies

All Saints and St James Church, King’s Cliffe publishes a monthly magazine called the Gazette as a service to the parishioners of King’s Cliffe, Bulwick & Blatherwycke and Laxton. It is written, edited and distributed by volunteers from all four villages and copies are distributed to every house by a team of volunteers. Recent copies are available as PDF files which can be read and/or downloaded by clicking on the links below:

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